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Legends and fairy tales interpreted: training for dream interpretation. Fall 2008

Jungian analysis jungian therapy new york city

Legends and Fairy Tales from Polynesia, Siberia, The Middle East, Europe and Africa: symbolic interpretations with clinical illustrations

Instructor: Maxson J. McDowell PhD, LMSW, LP

Fall 2008: Wednesday, 7-8.30 pm, (28 E 39th St)

September 3rd - December 13th, excluding Oct 8th, Nov 26th (14 classes)

Seminar Description

Stone-age legends and many fairy tales address psychological issues in terms that may be startlingly direct. This may make more accessible primitive psychological states. Each legend needs to be interpreted, as Jung showed, in symbolic terms: which will help students to learn the symbolic approach which is so important to Jungian therapy. Clinical illustrations will be sought for each myth.

Seminar Objectives

1. Students will gain some familiarity with Polynesian mythology, and with a variety of fairy tales.

2. Students will learn better to think in Jungian symbolic terms, to see the symbolic psychological meaning of mythological images. This will assist them in interpreting, using principles important in Jungian therapy, dreams and other symbolic material.

3. Students will explore clinical examples of some primitive psychological states (for example, narcissistic rage), and better learn to recognize them.


Discussion and participation will be emphasized throughout. Each student is responsible for reading each week's tale beforehand, and trying to understand it symbolically. Begin interpreting the tale on the weekend. Symbolic thinking is slow - you will benefit from having some days to mull it over. It will be a waste of your time if you come to class without having first read and reflected about the tales.