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C. G. Jung Foundation, in person:
Fairy tales and Narcissism
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Fairy tales and Narcissim

Class held at C.G. Jung Foundation,
28 E. 39th St. NYC
6.30-8.10 pm, Five weeks
begins Wed, April 17th, 2012
Instructor: Maxson McDowell, PhD

We will read five legends or fairy tales about narcissism and analyze them together using Jungian principles. We will see that fairy tales can contain astute psychological insight.

You can expect to gain new consciousness of narcissism, constructive and not so constructive, in others and in yourself. Analysis of fairy tales will also give you practice in Jungian symbolic thought, which is necessary for analyzing dreams, and essential to Jungian therapy.

The week before the first class you should read A daughter flees her narcissistic mother (Rona Long-teeth). Give yourself some days to reflect on what you have read. Before you go to sleep, ask yourself the question: 'what does that image mean?' Reading the material just before class won't work because symbolic thought is slow and you need to give your imagination time.

The same applies for the other tales: read the tale early and give yourself a few days to reflect upon it before class.