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Active imagination using paints
C. G. Jung Foundation
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Painting: Emma McDowell

Instructor: Max McDowell

Jung Foundation, New York City: begins February 25, 2015: 6.00 — 7.40 pm (Five consecutive Wednesdays)

Active imagination helps us to talk with the unconscious: it requires a confrontation between two distinct agents in the psyche. The unconscious produces images; consciousness responds to these images with feeling and tries to understand their meaning. Painting allows us to express vivid, unconscious images.

Prepare for the first class by reading descriptions of active imagination in a review of The Red Book, in a book by von Franz and in articles by Jung himself in Vol 7 and Vol 16. Please try to read at least the first three references. Jung can be difficult but he says it best. In the first class we will discuss issues raised by the readings.

In the next four classes we will work with paints and explore the resulting images. If you have never used paints since grade school, so much the better!

Note: Fee for materials: add $10 to tuition fee.