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Readings for Jungian dream analysis
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(There is a lot here. Read as much as you want.)

  • First read this Japanese fairy tale and my analysis of it (click here).

  • Read this brief summary of technique (click here).

  • Also read this Inuit tale (click here).

  • Also read this: Jungian therapy, biology & dreams

  • If you want more reading, what follows is also helpful, especially the first two books:

    A discussion of dreams by von Franz (available in paperback version):
    Dreams :
    author: Marie-Louise von Franz.
    I suggest you read the first two chapters

    A more serious discussion of dreams by Jung (available in paperback version):
    Dreams :
    author: Jung; editor Adler; translator RFC Hull.
    Princeton University press.
    I suggest you look at the following chapters: Part I: 1; Part III: 1; then, if you want, Part II.

    A wonderful collection of symbolic images analyzed:
    The Book of Symbols. Reflections on Archetypal Images
    ARAS, Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism. Taschen.

    A detailed description of the method - not so useful because not easy to read:
    Dreams, A Portal to the Source
    authors: Edward Whitmont, Sylvia Perera.

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