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Class on dream interpretation : Introduction
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Dream Interpretation

Class held at 255 East 88th St (cr Broadway), suite 9E, NYC
5 Thursdays, 6:30–8:10 pm
Beginning April 6th (excl. April 13), 2017
Instructor: Maxson J. McDowell, PhD

Picasso, painting of woman sleeping. Jungian therapy

We don't know where dreams come from but, from experience, we know their purpose. They show us the next possible step in our developing consciousness. They warn us if we are going astray, encourage us if we need it and offer penetrating insights into our confusion. To interpret dreams we need to integrate different ways of knowing: we have to be disciplined and logical but also emotional and feeling; we have to use creative intuition and we have to use our body and our sensation. Each interpretation is like a miniature individuation journey because we have to enter into the dream world, into a state of "not knowing," and allow ourselves to be taken over by the images and their associations before we can use our ego skills to try to make sense of the dream. Then we have to return to consciousness and try to use new-found insights in our life.

This class is fun. We combine our insights to explore each dream and feel success when the class as a whole recognizes an answer and experiences a deepening of consciousness. This class is equally suitable for newcomers to dream analysis and people who have been in analysis or taken other classes. We will not work with class members' dreams. Please bring a dream, with permission, from a family member or friend.


Please refer to the reading and read as much as you wish.