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Is early television, video, or computer use an environmental trigger for autism?
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I have argued that an archetype is an organizing principle. This led to two hypotheses: (a) that a very-early organizing experience is a baby's eye-contact with its mother; (b) that failure to achieve early eye-contact with the mother would lead to autism. A testable prediction followed, that autism would be statistically linked to early non-maternal childcare. This prediction was then confirmed when a strong statistical correlation was discovered between autism and early television watching. Later research consistent with the two hypotheses is also detailed.

  • Introduction

  • Jungian analysis and biology

  • The three gorillas

  • Autism and the image of the mother's eyes (2002)

  • Autism and the image of the mother's eyes (2004)

  • Autism and early non-maternal child care (2004)

  • Statistical evidence links early TV and autism (2006)

  • Rainfall is statistically linked to 40% increase in autism (2008)

  • Signs of autism emerge between 6 and 12 months (2010)

  • Oxytocin promotes face recognition in high-functioning autism (2010)

  • Oxytocin stimulates brain centers for face recognition (2010)

  • Eye-contact and complex dynamic systems: an hypothesis on autism’s direct cause and a clinical study addressing prevention (2010)

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