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Maxson McDowell PhD, LMSW, LP is past President of the C. G. Jung Foundation in New York.

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Jungian analysis recognizes that the unconscious is purposeful: our dream shows us, through images, how to take the next step in our own individuation journey; a legend or fairy tale uses similar images to similar purpose.

Jungian analysis is explained here in original podcasts and illustrated articles. I show that a fairy tale may describe both the symptoms and the healing process for anxiety, depression or narcissistic injury. Please explore the menu for more high-quality articles.

Analysis helps you to confront unconscious contents as they are projected onto your relationships. Relationships improve as you become more conscious.

Because creativity also involves a dialogue with the unconscious, Jungian analysis is a creative process. It is thus specially attractive to creative people.

For the past 24 years I've worked as a Jungian analyst with individuals and couples. I lead two on-going therapy groups. Insurance covers me as an out-of-network analyst.

To consult:     (212) 873-1491     maxmcdowell@jungny.com

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