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Animus and anima in fairy tales: Introduction
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Jung Foundation, New York City: begins Tuesday April 7, 2015, 7.00-8.30 pm (Five weeks)

The animus and anima are our experience of a human-seeming voice from the unconscious which leads us into deeper relationship with ourselves and with other people, and into creativity. These mysterious figures are numinous to us because they are fraught with new possibilities for our life, hinting at our as-yet-unrealized contrasexual potentials. Fairy tales describe encounters with these figures and possible outcomes.

We will pool our insights to interpret each tale. Classes tend to be fun. We will practice symbolic thinking, learning how stories and images can portray psychological dynamics. The skills we practice are also helpful for interpreting dreams.

Each week we will analyze one tale.

You need to prepare for each class by reading that week's tale. Read it on thursday or friday to give yourself plenty of time to reflect upon it. Before you go to sleep, ask yourself the question: 'what does that image mean?' Reading the material the day of the class won't work: symbolic thought is slow and you need to give your imagination time.