Jungian Therapy, Jungian Analysis, New York

nline, ongoing, dream interpretation class (offered privately)
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A dream is like an all-seeing x-ray. It shows where we are caught and how we might release ourselves. But it reads in pictures like hieroglyphs or a poem.

Dream interpretation is both a science and an art and we learn both aspects. This class is interactive and fun. An interpretation succeeds when the class as a whole feels convinced, when together we experience a deepening of consciousness.

This private class is for both clinicians and laypeople. Each session we analyze new dreams. This class is both for students who are new to dream analysis and for those who have already studied it.

This class is not therapy and we do not work with class members' own dreams.

Your experience will be best if you have a USB microphone/speaker headset as recommended for Skype. If that is not possible, telephone would work.

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