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Bushman myths and consciousness

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I am asleep, then I awake. Perhaps I woke from a dream: I replay it to myself and consider what it might mean. Or perhaps there is sunlight with the dawn: my eyes open, I see that I am in bed, remember who I am and what I should first do this morning. Either way I have made an abrupt transition, abruptly become more self aware.

In the course of maturation, there are moments when I abruptly become more self aware. We say "I am awake to that now." Perhaps I have been selfish, unaware that I was hurting someone close to me. Perhaps I have not seen a responsibility now I do see it. Perhaps I have not seen my hunger to create, and now I begin to see it. Perhaps I rediscover a pleasure which I had known earlier, but had forgotten.

There are also moments when I encounter forces which feel greater than myself as though, behind a stage curtain, there were wheels turning which animate the puppet (myself) which is in my view.